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Free Phone Consultation

Have a tech qustion? Need some advice? Want to discuss a project?
Call, Text or eMail us to setup a free, friendly, no hassle phone consultation.

Free Project Evaluation

Looking for a solution? We offer free, no pressure, In-Home Consultations, with free and guaranteed estimates. Contact us to schedule your free evaluation today.

We can help you learn about and choose the best device solution, with the correct features, to meet your needs.
We can install, upgrade and repair all the technology that helps make your Home & Home Office safe, comfortable, efficient and easy to manage.
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We Install, Setup, Upgrade and Repair your Home and Home Office Technology.
Call Today for a Free Quote: 775-331-5545

Free Phone Consultation

We are friendly, knowledgeable and available to answer your home technology questions. Call, message or email us.
Always no charge.

System Installs & Setup

We can help you choose the best solution for your home. Give you a guaranteed service quote and then install and setup the solution for you.

Hardware Installs & Setup

We can install hardware you already purchased, or sell you the hardware and install it. Either way, we always provide a free quote and guaranteed our labor.

Device Assembly

We assemble most tech devices and systems. If you already have a device or need to purchase a device, we can assemble it for you.

Upgrades & Replacements

When it is time to upgrade devices or solutions we can walk you through the process, provide a guaranteed service quote and then perform the upgrade.

Troubleshooting & Repairs

When technology stops working, call us for fast and friendly ONSITE troubleshooting and repairs. We identify the issue and then provide a guaranteed repair quote before doing the repair.

Basic Bookkeeping

We can organize your records, bills and online accounts as well as budgeting and payments, along with most basic bookkeeping services.

Recycling & Shredding

We securely recycle Phones, PCs, Batteries and all devices. We make sure personal data is removed correctly.

About Us

We want to be your Technology Handyman.
We install, upgrade and repair all the technology that makes your Home & Home Office safe, comfortable, efficient and easy to manage.

Local & Family Owned

Sierra Home Technology is a local, family owned technology business. No job is too big or too small. Give us a call today.

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Small Town Service

We offer friendly, personal and custom setup service, upgrades and repairs. We back our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Trusted, Respected & Reliable

Our service does not end after an install or repair. We are always there for fine tuning, troubleshooting, additional training and warranties.

If you have questions about home technology, give us a call today.
We are here to help: 775-331-5545

I bought a smart device, can you install it?

Yes. If you already own a smart device that is not setup or installed or working properly, give us a call.

Does my computer have a virus?

If you suspect your computer has a virus, likely it does.
These are the most common symptoms:
-Slow computer performance.
-Problems shutting down or restarting.
-Missing files. Frequent system crashes.
-Frequent error messages.
-Unexpected pop-up windows.
Give us a call, we can remove the virus or recover your files wihtout spreading the virus to a different computer.

Do I have to bring my devices to the shop?

No. Our super friendly and knowledgeable staff come to your home and install, setup and repair most every type of smart device, system or solution. There are few reasons that require us to take devices to the shop, but that is rare.

I need something assembled, can you do that?

Yes. We can assemble your devices and technology systems. From assiested living devices to entertainment systems.

Do you mount TVs?

Yes. We do tratitional and custom TV mounting. We also do desktop and stand mounting and custom table top supports.

Sierra Home Tech

Home & Home Office Technology
Installs - Setups - Upgrades - Repairs

Reno - Sparks - Carson - Tahoe